Applying to one of our psychological graduate programs?

The U of A Experimental and Clinical psychology doctoral programs are no longer requiring the GRE for admissions. However, we encourage students to consider submitting GRE scores in order to be eligible for university-wide doctoral fellowships. More information can be found here.


Spring 2024 Registration Procedures

See these attached policies and procedures for registration for Department of Psychological Science Spring 2024 courses.


News and Events

Colloquim! Dr. Andrew Smith, Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, will give a talk on Thursday, October 5 2023 at 4pm in Room 115 of the Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences Building. His talk is titled, "The rule-out procedure: A signal-detection-informed approach to the collection of eyewitness identification evidence."

Colloquim! Dr. Sylvia Perry, Associate Professor at Northwestern University, will give a talk on Thursday, October 19th 2023 at 4pm. Her talk, sponsored by the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) grant, will be tenatively titled "The Development of Racial Bias Awareness." Location GRAD 343.

The department hosted a conference focused on Diversity Science in the Spring of 2018.  Please see the conference page for more information. 

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