The Department of Psychological Science at the University of Arkansas is dedicated to promoting the understanding of the complexity of human behavior. Approximately 1000 students are currently majoring in Psychological Science, making this department one of the largest grantees of Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University.

At the undergraduate level, we provide students with a solid foundation in psychological science, with an emphasis on understanding how the scientific method works to understand human behavior and mental processes.  Our faculty (in both Clinical and Experimental) have expertise in a variety of areas within psychology, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology. Thus, undergraduate students here are exposed to a variety of perspectives on human behavior.

Many of our students, particularly those interested in continuing their education beyond the undergraduate degree, contribute to the production and dissemination of research alongside faculty and graduate students in our department.  See the Research Experience page for more information on how to get involved in research.