Financial Aid

Every opportunity is made to provide funding to graduate students in our program.  Funding packages typically include payment of tuition, most fees, and graduate stipends.  The stipends are about $14,100 per academic year. However, with the help of the Graduate School we are typically able to provide most of our incoming students funding packages that are substantially more generous than this.  Students who receive a Doctoral Academy Fellowship receive an additional supplemental award of $12,000 per year, bringing the total stipend to about $26K. Students who receive the Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship receive an additional award of $22,000 per year, bringing the total stipend to about $36K. These prestigious fellowships are renewable for four years for students who remain in good standing (see more about the fellowships here). Note that the distinguished doctoral fellowship is highly competitive and only a limited number of students receive these fellowships in any given year. When you apply to either of the graduate programs in psychology you will automatically be considered for these awards. There is no need to apply.

In addition to fellowships, the Marie Wilson Howells endowment provides funding to support graduate student research in the form of grants to allow students to carry out their masters thesis and dissertation research.  The Graduate School provides additional funding to graduate students in order to attend scientific conferences.